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The SONY CineAlta Club

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Your contact point for the best VENICE expertise and crew training.

Crew Call

Online, on-demand, personal support for crews who are using a VENICE camera either for the first time or would like an update on the latest software, tips and tricks. Crew Call is all about answering your specific questions on getting the most from VENICE. They will be offered via phone, Microsoft Teams or on request at Sony’s DMPC facility at Pinewood Studios, UK with a maximum duration of 2 hours. Suitable for DPs, DITs, operators and ACs who are going to shoot on VENICE and have specific questions about using VENICE on the coming production.

Please note Crew Call is usually held in English but other European languages available upon request. Crew Call is only available for customers based in Europe and USA.*

VENICE Refresher

It is the first time you are going to shoot with VENICE or have used it a while ago? Get up to date again with the very latest VENICE camera Upgrades and cinematography workflows. These 2-hour sessions are usually conducted on the last Tuesday of every month. Sessions are online or (when allowed) in-person at Sony’s DMPC facility at Pinewood Studios, UK.

Please note Refresher Course is held in English-only at this time and sessions are conducted during European and US* working hours.

In addition to the “Crew Calls” and “VENICE Refresher” courses, Sony is also offering 2 days paid in-depth training. It provides DPs, DITs, operators, and ACs with in-depth training on the VENICE camera and production workflows to maximize real-world, on-set efficiency and creative expression.

Please check out the link below to get all the details of the courses and book yours being ready for your next production with VENICE.

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