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Major Software Update Packages for Hi-5 Ecosystem


We are happy to announce an update for the Hi-5 Ecosystem comprising of SUP 2.1 for the Hi-5 and RIA-1, and SUP 1.1 for the ZMU-4. This is an important update for the ARRI ECS system, and it provides a big improvement in overall system stability.


The highlights of the new SUP are: 

  • Improved ECS system performance 

  • RF-900 Radio Module support 

  • Cinefade license support 

  • Virtual T-Stop and Virtual Focal-Length 

  • New browser view for Focus Rings and User Setups

  • New user buttons and more.


For a comprehensive run down of all the above features, check out our latest tech talk, and then read on for some extra details.



Improved Performance

In every SUP release there’s a balance between introducing new features and working on squashing bugs or implementing architectural changes under the hood. One of the major updates that we’ve introduced with the latest round is an update to the way that the Hi-5 and other client devices send camera control commands and files to host devices. The typical example of this is that sometimes it can take a few seconds for a rec/stop command to be accepted by a host device, during which time a user may press the button again, resulting in a cut and then a roll being triggered. This behaviour should be greatly improved with SUP 2.1 for Hi-5, across all host devices. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our beta testing community on this change, and hope you enjoy the increased stability. It will affect rec/stop commands, changing camera settings, playback controls, and sending files such as lens files and user setup files.


RF-900 Radio Module Support

Thank you for your patience on this one! We have now started shipping RF-900s to customers. The RF-900 is our long-range, network-mode-capable radio module that operates on the 900 MHz spectrum, not the 2.4 GHz spectrum that most other wireless devices operate on. Therefore, as well as making use of the longer wavelength to achieve longer range, it’s also less populated and less prone to interference than other options. However, due to differing licensing restrictions for the 900 MHz band, the RF-900 module is only available in the USA and Canada.


SUP 2.1 for Hi-5 and RIA-1, and SUP 1.1 for ZMU-4 is a must when using RF-900 modules. A big thanks to several ACs in the US and Canada who have helped with the beta testing procedure for these modules, supervised by Michael Best and Chase Hagen!


Just a note that we would also encourage crews to try running separate cameras or units on different frequency bands, i.e. different radio modules. By running A Cam on RF-900 and B Cam on RF-2400 you will completely avoid any interference between the systems. You can of course run RF-900s on multiple units with different radio channels, but for absolute best performance we’d recommend as much diversity as possible.


Cinefade License Support

cmotion’s Cinefade is now fully supported by the Hi-5 with the Cinefade License Key for Hi-5, available at We’ve prepared a tech talk going into all of the detail, which you can view here:



We think the Cinefade is a fantastic tool for ACs who need a solution for quick ND changes, or remote pola operation. The Cinefade also pairs exceptionally well with the ZMU-4.


Virtual T-Stops and Focal Length

Building upon the feature that was previously called Manual Focal Length/T-Stop, the new Virtual Axis function allows you to use familiar control inputs to set a virtual lens data value on the Hi-5. This enables users to see a depth of field display even when you don’t have a lens motor on every lens axis and are using lens files instead of LDS data. 


To set this up, just head into the Control Setup menu and select the corresponding Virtual Axis for the Slider and Force Pad. If you are using a lens file which has the Iris and Zoom (if applicable) scales mapped, then the Virtual Axis will be limited to the values set in the lens file. If not, then the Iris range will be displayed from T1 – T32, and the focal length from 5 mm – 1000 mm.


New Browser Views and Behavior

The popular Browser view, introduced for better lens file organisation with SUP 2.0, is now available for User Setups and Rings. You can create folders both internally and externally and move or copy files and folders as you please. We’ve also changed the favorite folder behavior – now you can jump straight into the browser instead of landing on the favorite folder page, if you simply have no favourite folder selected.


For those who like to select their pre-marked rings manually, the favorite folder functionality in combination with the new Favorite Rings user button.

AUX Scale

The Auxiliary function of the cforce mini RF motor is now better supported in the Hi-5 thanks to the addition of an AUX Scale display. When an AUX motor is connected and set to be controlled by the Hi-5, a small scale will be displayed next to the Iris value.


Extra Changes

There are a number of other little features that regular users will notice – we’ve now renamed lens programming to lens mapping, it’s now possible to use a + symbol (we removed the $ symbol) and it’s now possible to tap to the left and right of file names while you’re entering them, so you don’t have to erase the whole thing to correct a mistake.


As always, we’re very keen to hear your feedback and any feature requests you may have. But – before you ask, yes the LCUBE update is very, very close!

Have a SUPer day,


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7 commentaires

Will the RF motor need to be updated as well in order to fix the Sony Camera Control ND Filter issue? Or does the Sony Venice's ND now function properly when using an RF motor and updated Hi-5?


Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley
20 déc. 2023
En réponse à

Hey Paul, this bug has been fixed with HI-5 2.1, no need for a motor update for that one.


Updating my hi-5 with 2.1 but before I hit the final update button, I get a page that says “Are you sure you want to update the device? This will delete all lens and user set up files from the device”.

I’m in the middle of a show and have no interest in remapping every lens again if this is going to delete all of my lens mappings. Is it?

If so, can I save the mappings and re-install after the update? I’m barely computer literate so answer like I’m 5. Thanks!

En réponse à

Thanks so much Sean for that breakdown and saving the heartache!


I have a question regarding Cinefade functionality with split control.

Hypothetical setup:

MiniLF with RIA+RF EMIP radio, connecting to two Cforce mini motors and Cinefade. Focus puller has Hi-5 with control of focus. DIT has WCU4 with control of iris.

Is it possible to set up the WCU4 to control the Cinefade in VariND mode and/or Cinefade mode?

Looking to avoid having to procure additional Hi-5 hand units for the DIT side.

Thanks for any help!


Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley
18 déc. 2023
En réponse à

Hey Matt, thanks for the feedback. The WCU-4 cannot control the Cinefade unfortunately, only the Hi-5 is capable.

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