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Mainstation MST1 - Power. Always.

The Mainstation MST1 is the most advanced power solution specifically designed for film sets.

Mainstation ONE

As we move on to bigger sensors, brighter lights and more demanding camera movements, the power demand also increases accordingly.

The Mainstation MST1 is the first ultra-compact, high-power device of it’s kind that takes any commonly used power source on set and provides all required output ranges – simultaneously - up to 1000W.

Additionally the Mainstation MST1 is also a three bay simultaneous charger for industry standard batteries.

Extensive internal engineering, monitoring, protection features and digital control enable a care-free user experience where any usual DC power source can be connected in any order. The device will automatically choose the best configuration to safely power the connected equipment over the regulated outputs.

Five independent inputs, six always-on high power outputs - and a three bay charger in the smallest form factor the industry has ever seen.

Mainstation MST1 - Power. Always.


Product overview


The Mainstation has two XLR3 input sockets and the sides offer up to three user selectable battery mounts.

All five inputs are independent of each other. Current will not flow from one input source to another and the XLR3 cable inputs are prioritized over the on-board batteries. When the XLR3 input(s) are disconnected, the batteries will seamlessly take over - and all three are hot-swappable.

All usual battery mounts are available (V-Mount, Gold-Mount, B-Mount, Core and more) and can be mounted by the user in seconds via the universal battery plate. All inputs have maximum range 10-34VDC and can take up to 20A per channel - maximum industry values.

All inputs have built-in safety features including over-voltage and over-current detection, plus temperature monitoring in order to protect the input sources, the device itself and the connected equipment. Additionally the front inputs are polarity agnostic solving the critical wiring conflict between countries.

Any input source, any polarity - rectified, prioritized, hot-swappable and safe.



If at least one input is valid, the Mainstation MST1 will provide six simultaneously regulated outputs.

The high power XLR outputs will deliver all output voltages commonly needed on set - from 14V to 48V - and custom voltage depending on the corresponding socket and user setting.

The accessories outputs on top are independently regulated and will power any of the usual accessories via the industry standard connectors. From video transmitters to MacBooks, LBUS devices and more.



Additionally, all battery bays have an optional built-in smart battery charger. (Specs TBA.)


The technological advancements of the Mainstation MST1

Until now, the external power options on set were either a block battery, a "Serializer" or a custom built one-off Pelicase with car batteries.


A block battery is considerably bigger, heavier and harder to ship while providing less output current and no hot-swap capabilities or settable wide range outputs. The biggest advantage for block batteries is their high capacity. For example, 600W from the usual blue blocks.

The Mainstation provides 97% of the capacity of the block battery with only two 290Wh on-board batteries in a considerably smaller footprint and 150% more power output ability - 1000W vs 672W.

With three 290Wh on-board B-Mounts, the runtime increases to 145% with 150% more output current, while adding all the additional output and input features plus the critical hot-swapping capability in a smaller footprint.


Another example for a compromise solution is a "Serializer" that takes two batteries and connects them in series or parallel. This doubles the voltage or capacity, but since almost all of the Serializers have no internal current path control or regulators, the batteries would cross charge and batteries with different state of charge would not work together correctly.

The Mainstation isolates every input, balances the input loads and provides safe and reliable operation for the batteries, user and connected equipment.


There is no comparable device that provides high power user settable outputs covering the entire voltage range of 5VDC-48VDC - at the same time - from any input.


Offering five wide range independent inputs with exchangeable battery mounts and all required output options up to 48V (which is the safe high voltage limit), the Mainstation MST1 is the ultimate power solution for now and the foreseeable future.


Use cases

The Mainstation MST1 was designed to address a long list of problems encountered on set, never solved until now.

This is especially relevant now, with increasing power demands on set.

Block Battery

Regulated outputs enable the use of 14V Batteries for 28V Equipment for example.

Compact setups, that do not allow a on board battery on the camera, can still be hot-swapped.

Additional outputs for accessories like small monitors or video TX/RX.

Smaller and lighter than a block battery.

For the camera department, block batteries are usually too big for fast sets and tight setups. Hot-swap capabilities and accessory outputs are always missing.

When it comes to traveling, a flight safe device with exchangeable battery plates and any input option provides peace of mind - especially since the Mainstation is capable of powering multiple devices at the same time.

Add the three bay charger function, and you have total control.

Remote heads

Avoid unwanted remote head behaviour when input voltage fluctuates due to batteries state of charge, or when replacing the batteries.

The prioritized external input can be used with an external power supply if AC is available.

The control unit for the remote head and accessories can be powered from the same Mainstation.

When it comes to remote heads, unregulated power inputs provide a challenge when it comes to avoiding head drift, especially with locked shots. Long cables on cranes, underwater rigs and car cranes can also pose a significant challenge because of the voltage drop.

With the Mainstation´s user settable and regulated outputs, the voltage drop can be compensated easily to prevent any head drift, regardless of battery voltage range, charge status and hot-swapping scenario.


For the VTR and DIT department, the Mainstation MST1 can be used as the main power hub for the entire cart.

Providing output options including the USB-C 100W power delivery for MacBooks, power rails for multiple monitors and video receivers, the Mainstation still has enough power for an inverter that can drive a storage bay. If mains are available, a power supply can be used to keep the batteries on stand-by. When on the move, the on-board batteries will take over seamlessly.

Considering the shift to higher input voltage, 14VDC batteries can be used to power 28VDC only devices with the help of the regulated outputs. One 14V battery is enough for a boosted 28VDC rail.

Mainstation MST1 is built for peace of mind.


Specs Overview

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