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cPRO Software Release 6.0 - Preview

Updated: Feb 12

This highly anticipated cPRO software release is guaranteed to take your cPRO LCS to the next level. Our dedicated team of developers have implemented some game-changing features, enhanced camera control* and refined the overall cPRO experience.

What’s COMING?

Smart Rings


cPRO PLUS will be fully compatible with the

full range of ARRI smart focus and smart iris rings.

Check your cPRO PLUS focus knob now for the smart ring encoder pins.

The following smart focus rings are available in regular (clockwise towards infinity) and reverse (counterclockwise towards infinity):

  • (9“ / 1‘ / 1‘3 / 1‘8 / 2‘ /2‘6 / 3‘6 / 5‘ / 6‘6 / 10‘)

  • (0.20m / 0.25m / 0.30m / 0.35m / 0.50m / 0.75m / 1.00m / 1.50m / 2.00m / 3.00m)

The following smart iris rings are also available:

  • T1 – T22, T1.4 – T22, T2 – T22, T2.8 – T22, T1-Close

cPRO and cPRO ONE users…. you will also be able to use the new range of smart focus and smart iris rings by selecting the corresponding ring in the knob menu. Perfect for your DP or DIT.


DIT mode

The new DIT mode shows a bigger iris value as well as the camera´s ND and the Cinefade VariND value if being used. This highlights all important information for the DIT.


Tail-slate mode

Never miss the tail-slate again.

This feature prevents you from stopping the camera accidentally and missing a tail slate after the director has called CUT!


Virtual Axis

With this new feature, you can assign any controller (not already assigned to a motor) to “virtually” control the iris and/or zoom scale dynamically. This allows cPRO to calculate real-time depth of field as if these axes are motorized.


Encoder Mode

With the latest cforce motor SUP 2.0, you can deactivate the driver and use it as an encoder. This allows the lens axis to be controlled by hand while still outputting real-time lens data through the cPRO eco-system. Any user button can be assigned to activate “Encoder Mode”. Pressing the button again and passing the controller over the encoder position, instantly reactivates the driver for wireless control.


Improved marker handling

Not only have we increased the number of markers per axis (focus, iris, zoom, distance, and AUX), you can toggle from marker position 1 through to 5 and back to 1, moving the motor automatically.


Enhanced camera control*

cPRO software release 6.0 brings some new and exciting camera control features to cPRO:

ARRI/RED cameras

· Custom Shutter / FPS / White Balance / Tint + Color Correction

· Trigger camera functions from cPRO camera buttons list

Alexa Mini / Mini LF / 35

· Load camera user setups

Sony Venice:

· ND increase / decrease

· Custom White Balance / Color Correction

RED V-Raptor XL:

· Display FIZ metadata on the RED Touch LCD monitor (TBC)

· Feed FIZ metadata into dedicated slots in the clip file (TBC)

· Change electronic ND system for precise exposure control

* Camera control license/s required


Refined user interface:

We work closely with our cteam and community to optimize the cPRO user experience. While retaining familiarity, we have implemented the following changes.

New user button functions:

· Direct access the camera playback clip list

· Direct access the camera user button list to trigger camera functions conveniently

· Ability to set markers for the auxiliary axis

· “Release Motor” feature, to activate Encoder Mode for focus, iris, zoom or all at once

· Ability to trigger external custom events through serial protocol

System & GUI improvements:

· “Skip calibration” function, for motors already calibrated

· Higher resolution for imperial scales which displays inches up to 100 feet

· Updated lens manufacturer list and possibility to add CUSTOM lens manufacturers

· Adjustable brightness for status LEDs including REC, joystick and system status

· Separate AUX page with 0-100% calibration range and the ability to set markers and

recall marker positions automatically

· Enlarged view for focus, iris and zoom scales

· Optical Safe Range for the Cinefade “VariND mode”

· Manual motor calibration using the joystick

· Motor axis (FIZA) displayed in motor settings menu

For any questions, please contact us at or visit

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14 comentarios

I still encounter the issue that I have to recalibrate the lens after every camera reboot without being provided with the option to „skip calibration“ that should have been introduced with FW 6.0. It keeps flashing orange after reboot with the same lens on. Am I missing something?

Current setup: Alexa Mini, EXT-Cam Cable, cPRO motor + cforce mini motor, cPRO+ handset

Me gusta
Contestando a

I think skip calibration is only an option when changing lenses - surely if you are rebooting the camera then for a brief moment the motors will lose power. Perhaps if you either used the 7P Cam to 6P EXT / D-Tap split cable or added power via an LBUS to D-Tap cable to an L-Cube you’d have continuous power and therefore might sidestep the issue?

Me gusta

I don’t see the ability to change White Balance on Sony Venice FYI

Me gusta
Contestando a

I don’t think anything new is available for Sony. But, you can now assign buttons to increase/decrease the Camera’s ND. This is nice

Me gusta

I updated yesterday!!

Was at a rental house and tested with Arri Smart Rings! They worked.

Using Sony Venice 2 and got ND+/- on user buttons. FANTASTIC and underrated updates

Couldn't find "tail slate" function. Encoder mode is great. - although- was using that previously

Me gusta

It's been nearly 6 months since the announcement of Version 6.0. Is there any substantial info on when we can finally expect a release?

Me gusta
Contestando a

They previewed at the BSC Expo here in London last week. It doesn’t disappoint from a functionality point of view.

Me gusta

Is there a Release date?

Me gusta
Contestando a

I asked them via email some time ago and they said by end of January.

Me gusta
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