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The best keeps getting better!

Our classic Lightweight Matte Box LMB 4x5 stands for reliability and flexibility.

ARRI introduced the Lightweight Matte Box, or LMB, more than 20 years ago – and it keeps getting reinvented, elevated, and extended, while maintaining its compatibility with all previously released accessories. In this newsletter, you'll discover the full scope of our popular matte box and some fun facts you might not have known.

ARRI Tech Talk: EVERYTHING you could want to know about the LMB 4x5

In this exhaustive ARRI Tech Talk, we take you through all features of the industry-standard and ubiquitous lightweight matte box, the LMB 4x5. This video is split into chapters for easy navigation and is designed to be used as a reference.

Matte Box Checker

Our new online tool lets you check ARRI matte box and lens compatibility without having to set foot in a test room. Simply select your camera, sensor mode, and lens choice, and the Matte Box Checker will indicate the coverage and vignetting with different matte boxes.

Did you know...

...that the LMB 4x5 comes with a safety loop?

Don't panic if your camera is on a crane, or on a fast-moving vehicle - the safety chain has your back!

...that you can change the lens without removing the matte box?

The swing-away arm is designed for rapid lens changes and includes a built-in reflection deflector.

...that you can have not only 3, but 4 filters with your LMB 4x5?

Just use one of our bellow rings to add a 138mm circular filter behind the matte box.

...that we offer a sunshade made out of rubber?

It can help you avoid damage to your LMB in tight spaces and can be removed within seconds.


Configuration overviews

For a detailed overview of what clamp adapters, rings and accessories can be used with the LMB 4x5 and our other matte boxes, visit our website and check out our configuration overviews.

Want to meet us in person?

Visit us at at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, USA! PCA Product Manager Philip Vischer and other ARRI experts will be there from June 1st to June 4th and are happy to answer your questions and present our products in detail.

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2 comentários

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn
17 de mai. de 2023

Am I the only one who noticed that Arri didn't upgrade to a geared wheel on that new Rotating Polarizer? Just something I noticed for all the assistants that are being asked to motorize polarizers nowadays.

Philip Vischer
Philip Vischer
22 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

The ARRI Rota Pola was introduced 5 years ago and the goal was to offer an entry level price range Pola with a high quality.

There might be a geared one in the future but the best model to use would be the Cinefade with an integrated motor and Hi-5 integration.

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