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Say Hi to Hi-5

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Dear FPAW members, after years of your feedback and suggestions we’re excited to present to you our fifth-generation intelligent hand unit for focus pullers: the ARRI Hi-5.

For all of the info, feature tours, tech talks and FAQs you can head over to our website:

You can also join in our discussions in our Hi-5 Megathread over in the ARRI Forum:

The new ARRI Hi-5 is the most sophisticated hand unit on the market, providing reliable wireless camera and lens control in demanding situations on set. Weatherproof and solidly built, it features an exceptional radio link range and unique, swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges.

Interchangeable Radio Modules

We’re now offering three discrete, interchangeable radio modules with Hi-5. There are two modules for the 2.4Ghz band: the RF-EMIP and RF-2400, and one for 900Mhz: RF-900. Each radio module has its own strengths and will be best suited to different applications, check out Hendrik’s tech talk for more details:


The new Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1 will allow you to use a radio module as a standalone motor controller on any camera, supporting LBUS devices such as motors or the OCU-1, serial devices such as a Cine Tape, Cine RT or ARRI UDM-1 (without an L-Cube) and camera control via the variety of existing CAM cables. You can also use a RIA-1 as an external radio module for a device which has a built in EMIP module, in a similar manner to the ERM-2400 LCS, but now with the option of different radio modules and a sleeker formfactor.

Built Tough

We’ve spent a lot of time designing the Hi-5 with you (and the places you have to work in!) in mind. Hi-5 is weatherproof, dust proof and tested for full operation in -20°C and +50°C conditions. The focus knob uses a new, high-resolution encoder for extremely precise focus pulls and the friction adjustment now offers a wider range of settings than the WCU-4 for those who prefer a very lightweight focus knob. We’ve integrated a desk stand into the body and developed a new tool-less Monitor Bracket to take advantage of the integrated NATO rail.

Smart Too

Hi-5 is the first device to take advantage of our new ARRI ECS Sync App, where you can manage all of your lens tables, share them with other users, download updates and read through our news and FAQs. The Hi-5 will now auto-detect any of the twenty available Smart Focus Rings and the bigger, sharper touch-screen display will allow you to keep track of more metadata, and to customise it the way you like. In traditional orientation, three new user buttons fall neatly under the left hand for all sorts of custom functions, and if you don’t pull focus with your right hand you can flip the whole Hi-5 around and take advantage of the new Left-Handed Mode.

More Control

As you’d expect, the Hi-5 is a great tool for wirelessly changing settings, triggering playback and operating user buttons on ARRI cameras, and we’re happy to announce that all Hi-5 units ship with this functionality built in: no need for an extra license. In addition to this, for the first time the ARRI Hi-5 will allow you to change camera settings on RED and SONY cameras with the new Camera Control Licenses, planned for SUP 2.0. We will also have licenses that expand the functionality for Cine RT Focus Bug units and bring CineFade support to the ARRI ECS ecosystem.

Backwards Compatible

While Hi-5 is replacing the WCU-4 in our line-up, it’s not making it obsolete. The WCU-4 is still a fantastic hand unit and we’ve got another firmware update planned for it for next year. We will continue to offer spare parts and service for the WCU-4 well into the future. We think that the WCU-4 and Hi-5 are a great pair together: as an owner operator your DP or DIT will find the WCU-4 with its user button and lens data support a big step up from an SXU-1 as an iris controller, for example, and WCU-4 will work with the new radio modules when paired with a RIA-1.

When can I get one?

Demo Hi-5 units are currently being shipped to all regions, so get in touch with your local ARRI rep or dealer to talk about arranging a demo. We’re expecting to be able to ship units to new owners in August.

Now head over to our Hi-5 Megathread and ask a question to the product managers!

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