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Bright Tangerine joins as the latest partner on focuspulleratwork

We are excited to announce, that Bright Tangerine joins as a new partner on focuspulleratwork. This means, that members of our community can get direct access to Bright Tangerine representatives. Bright Tangerine has always been a company, who pushed the limits of innovating things, together with their users. We hope, that through our partnership with them, this will strengthen their relationship so they can innovate further to come up with new products, which make our lives easier.

Official Statement from Bright Tangerine:

Bright Tangerine is excited to partner with Focus Puller At Work (FPAW) to further engage with industry professionals and the filmmaking community.

We hope to be able to provide better services & products with feedback and discussion with the community.

We exist to create products that remove the barriers to great filmmaking.

Clever products, made with a conscience.

Innovative products that have long-term thinking built-in.

Serviceable products that will never need to see a landfill site.

Products that are the result of our own hard graft and bright ideas.

Rob, Daniel & Tim will be on the platform and are available for any inquiries.

Rob Eagle

Head of Sales

Daniel Stewart

Sales - EMEA

Timothy Tan

Head of Marketing


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Awesome! welcome! Whens the new titan arm out?

Timothy Tan
Timothy Tan
Jun 01, 2022
Replying to

no eta yet, but as soon as it's close to final we'll let you know here on FPAW


Timothy Tan
Timothy Tan
May 20, 2022

Excited to be a part of the FPAW community.

If anyone has any questions about our products please reach out.

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