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Hi All! I hope everyone is about to enjoy a great weekend and that "Fraturdays" are kept to a minimum...

I am jumping on here to post a sample picture of our LCUBE Y "Cable Bodies". These Cable Bodies are available if you have older uni-directional Focusbug LCUBE Serial or Y cables and want to repurpose your connectors.

These cables support the Cine RT's ARRI Hi-Speed Serial output and ARRI's Focusbug License for the Hi-5. They come in both Y (serial and power) or Serial (serial only) versions, contain in-line bi-directional electronics, and have 24" or 36" flying leads.

For the remainder of 2024, these Cable Bodies will be specially priced at $100 USD per Serial Cable Body and $150 USD per Y Cable Body. This offer is available to Focusbug clients who purchased uni-directional LCUBE Cables before Q4 2021 (when all serial and Y cables changed to support bi-directional communications). Shipping is not included.

Please be aware that we cannot offer a warranty on cables altered by third parties. We recommend choosing an experienced electronics technician to do the job!

Please email if interested.



Anthony Scopino


Focusbug Technologies Inc. developed the Cine RT System to p...


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