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Measuring Problems

Good morning everyone,

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    Laird Pierce
    FPAW - Partner

    Hi All! Just a heads up that we will have new Cine RT skins coming in the fall. The High-Bright Display skins will be available in the same four colors as the Handset skins and the Base will be available in basic black - to avoid reflections, etc. Pricing will be aligned with the Handset skin pricing.

  • Jose Burgos
    Clemens Hoenig
    Teemu Koivisto

    Been having a weird issue with Alexa 35 builds but trying to pinpoint the exact cause. Has anyone had this issue before?

    Build as follows: Alexa 35 LBUS to Mini Motor (iris) then daisy-chain LBUS to RF Motor (client mode, focus). CineRT with serial Y Cable to Alexa 35 body.

    Issue: Occasionally when plugging in my CineRT the motors will glitch and run constantly full speed. Their lights turn off and unplugging/plugging back in doesn’t stop them from spinning endlessly. Only rebooting the camera fixes it. It usually happens at prep so I think it may be an order of operations glitch where if the camera is on, plugging motors in THEN my horns causes the issue. Plugging everything in with the camera off first seems to avoid the issue.

  • I had a shoot last week with a helicopter. Once the blades spin up the focus bug distance goes to like 5 feet' instead of 40'. Anyone have any tips for this scenario? It seems like the blade wash is creating an artificial wall and bouncing the ultrasonic back.

  • Andy Patania

    Fabio Giolitti
    First Mover
    community manager

    Hi all, I'm in a shooting where my camera is on steadi or crane quite often, so is not always near to the camera nor I can easily get to it. Every now and then, the sound guy tells me he is getting interference from the base sensor and asks me kindly to switch it off if possible. There would be a way to do that remotely, other than dim down the sensitivity to 0? For now I simply unplug the Y cable from the Lcube, but I guess is not the correct praxis.


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