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A quick update regarding some additional announcements (and clarifications) regarding the Cine RT ARRI Hi-Speed Serial Output as related to the ARRI LCUBE SUP 3.0 firmware update:

1. motion Pro and cPro Plus users can now take advantage of the Cine RT's ARRI

Hi-Speed Serial Output for faster display of distance data and bi-directional control of some select Focusbug Cine RT settings such as FPO, Limits and Sensitivity! A (blue) Bi-Directional Serial or Y Cable is required and can be purchased directly from Focusbug.

2. For the ARRI Hi-Speed Serial Output to be sent, a bi-directional handshake is required between the Cine RT and LCUBE. This handshake is needed for use of the ARRI Focusbug License AND for the display of distance data on a Hi-5, WCU-4 or cPro. Accordingly, a BiDirectional Serial or Y Cable (blue) is required for all use-cases.

3. If you have an older Uni-Directional Cine RT Serial or Y (black) cable you can continue to use the ARRI Classic (or cPro) Serial Output; however, you will require a bi-directional cable to use ARRI Hi-Speed. We apologize for any misinformation regarding this requirement.

4. Focusbug does not have an exchange program for older uni-directional cables. These cables have not been sold since

Q4 2021. All cables sold since are bi-directional. If you do not want to purchase a bi-directional cable and would prefer to have a local technician repurpose your uni-d cable connectors, you can purchase a Bi-Directional Serial or Y "Cable Body" from Focusbug for $150 USD (shipping not included). The cable body contains the required in-line electronics and flying leads which you can have cut to your preferred length. Please be aware that Focusbug cannot provide a warranty for cables assembled by a third party.

We hope this information provides some good news for c motion product users and clarifies the difference between bi-directional and uni-directional cable usage as about the Cine RT ARRI Hi-Speed Serial Output.

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