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Hi All! Laird here. I'm not here to give any more exposure to Sean Dooley, but rather to follow up on the Focusbug-related topics to do with the LCUBE CUB-1 SUP 3.0 update.

Please be aware of the following:

  1. The Hi-Speed Protocol is supported by both the Hi-5 and WCU-4 when it comes to receiving distance data from the Cine RT.

  2. ARRI's Focusbug Licence (available from ARRI) is supported by the Hi-5 LCS and is not backward-compatible with the WCU-4.

  3. When using the LCUBE, you will require a cforce mini RF motor to utilize the Focusbug License (for the Hi-5). We believe an update is planned for the Alexa 35; however, we do not have any details.

  4. You will require a Bi-Directional Serial or Y Cable to enable use of the Focusbug License, as Bi-D communication is what enables control of Cine RT functions and settings via the Hi-5 Handset.

  5. All Serial and Y Cables have been Bi-Directional since Q4 2021.

  6. Bi-Directional Cables have the in-line electronics wrapped in blue. Uni-Directional Cables are wrapped in black.

  7. Uni-Directional Cables can not be used with the Focusbug License, but will still send serial distance data to your Hi-5 (or WCU-4).

  8. We do not have a program to exchange Uni-Directional Cables for Bi-Directional Cables. Additionally, it is not financially viable to send your cable to us to rebuild, unless you are sending your whole kit for a Retrofit, repair, or maintenance.

  9. If you have a Uni-Directional Cable and want to have a local technician repurpose the connectors, you can purchase Bi-Directional Serial or Y Cable(s) with in-line electronics and flying leads (which you can cut to your desired length). Focusbug will be selling these "cable bodies" for $150 USD until the end of August 2024. Please be aware that we cannot provide a warranty for these cables if they are assembled by a third-party. For more info please email us at

Thanks for your attention!



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