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Need help making a CForce press fit m0.4/64 Pitch & 80 Teeth Gear for those old iris gears we all love... Evan Walsh, a fellow member rocked this community with the wide gear mode. Was wondering if anyone has ever printed one of these or at least knows someone who's gone down this rabbit hole before. We're still in the great ARRi supply chain shortage. the K2.XXXX part will show up 3-9 months after I complete this printing project. Any help appreciated! PEACE!

this ^^^

onto this ^^^

Julien Borne
Julien Borne
22. nov. 2022

Here is a special version just for you :) : I had never seens Evan's design before, mine wasn't as simple as it's not just clipped on but you have to use the original screw.

Synes godt om


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