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Chung Dha
Chung Dha

3D print knob for Tilta Nucleus Nano II and it is compatible with Arri and C-motion Marker Rings.

mariano campastro
Andrew Paradis

Can those that have design L-Cube brackets please give me a reply/PM please?

I would like to have something bespoke designed and printed for a Camin (same mount as L-Cube).

Photo for visibility (not the specific design I'm after).

Mark Frendo

Any wide motor gears for the Teradek RT MOTR.X/Mk3.1 follow focus motors? Heck, I’ll have any other 3d printed stuff that‘s already been designed. Can’t find a lot of love for this system on here 😅

Pepe Rodilla Cahill

Hi! Does anyone have a preston mdr-3 sandwich goldmount cage design? Thanks a bunch!


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