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Evan Walsh
Finalist of the 3D Design Award 20213D Design Award 2021

Cforce Mini press on gears.

Allows you to quickly change the size of the gear on your motor from the stock 40t to 50t or 60t.

Simply pop on your motor and change the teeth count, good for those hard to reach iris rings on some builds.

40t -> 50t

40t -> 60t (offset to clear motor)

Ralph Messer
Jota Parro
Markus Westerhuijs
Henrik Lyngbo
Andrew Jerram
Sep 06, 2022

These are really great🙌, what are the chances you could do a Panavision pitch converter for iris/zoom? (Dont have the pitch measurements on me at the moment) be brilliant on shows that have a mix of old and new PV lenses.



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