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Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Welcome to focuspulleratwork! As you can see, we have made a fresh start to get this platform to the next level. This post will give you a quick overview of what`s new and what we can do together to build this new platform.

But before we get started, please complete your user profile in the Members area, by uploading a profile and background image and HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON.

PLEASE NOTE: Your old user name and password does not exist anymore on the new platform.

So what will you find on focuspulleratwork?


In the blog section we will publish interesting topics all about the camera department either written by our community members or friends of the FPAW. We will also invite industry friends to cover certain topics about workflows or technical articles.

If you have any topics which you would love to write about and share it with the community, just contact us and we will make you a blog writer as well. You will also have the chance to comment on any blog post, like or share it.


The new forum offers a new structure, based on the topics of the old forum. To make sure, that none of the existing information of the old forum is lost, we have copied all posts and add it to the new forum. All old posts are highlighted by "ARCHIVE". The search function offers a quick and easy way to find existing forum threads. So before opening a new discussion, it might be worth to double-check, if the answer is already there. You can not only follow certain forum categories but also specific forum posts.


To add a little Instagram feeling to the new platform, we all have a shared photo gallery, where you are welcome to post some on-set photos. You can like each photo, add a description or tag people in this gallery.

File share:

This section is probably the most exciting new extension of the forum. It is a community file share platform, where we can build a database for the camera department. Everything from Charts, cable information, to manuals can be uploaded there. Imagine a place, where you can find all user manuals and other useful information in one spot. The search function lets you easily find the document you are looking for. NOTE: Before uploading any new documents, such as user manuals, please double check if it is already available on the forum. We are handing you over the keys, to this file share, so we can build it together. Please use them with care.

Members area:

The new member's area does not only look amazing, but it is also very powerful. You can check out each member, follow them, see their blog posts, comments, forum posts, likes, and gallery photos. Because this platform is all about connecting the people who are working in the camera department, you can also send a direct message to each member or create your own group chat with your friends.

Mobile browser and mobile app:

If you are on set, but still want to be connected to the FPAW, you can either use the mobile browser or download the WIX app and connect it to your FPAW account. Through the WIX app, you can have access to the forum, blog, and member area. The share file section is not implemented at the moment. In the future, as soon as we can meet in person again and do some focuspullerafterwork or focuspullerbacktowork events, we will send out invites through the app, where you can easily register. We are also planning to add some fun challenges from time to time, which will also be accessible through the app.

So that`s it...for the start. We hope you enjoy the new platform and if you do so, please help us grow. A community platform is only as strong as its members, so please help us by providing interesting topics in the forum or blog, sharing your most interesting documents in the share-file section and last but not least, by spreading the word and invite your friends and colleagues within the camera department to make this a valuable place for everything.

If you have any feedback on the new platform, please let us know in the comments below.

Stay healthy, stay connected and stay in focus!


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1 Comment

Sounds like a great project. Thanks for providing this platform.

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