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Welcome ARRI as the latest partner of FPAW!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We are excited to welcome ARRI as our new partner on the platform and even more excited to bring their PCA & ECS expert team to the forum! We are humbled, that ARRI sees the opportunity to utilize the platform as their communication tool with users around the world. Through this partnership, members can get first-hand information about existing and upcoming products and can ask technical questions. ARRI is also excited to get customer feedback from community members.

They will use their user group to announce product news and insights, while monitoring the ARRI forum thread as well, to offer support and answer technical questions about their products. Make sure to join the ARRI user group and follow the ARRI thread on the forum!

„focuspulleratwork is a great opportunity to get in direct contact with members of the camera crew, exchange knowledge and share technical insights about new and existing ARRI products.

Hearing what our users need will be a valuable input to improve our camera accessories further. We are looking forward to connecting with the community and helping make life on set easier.” - Philip Vischer, Product Manager Camera Systems

Meet the ARRI representatives on FPAW:

Philip Vischer

Product Manager PCA Mechanical Accessories

ARRI’s PCA mechanical division, also defined as camera independent accessories, is managed by Philip. This large and varied product group of Pro Camera Accessories includes the following categories: matte boxes, manual follow focus units, support systems and accessories for 3rd party cameras, and crew supplies.

Hendrik Voss

Product Manager PCA Electronic Control System

Hendrik has the needs of DPs, 1st ACs, and DITs top of mind. As a product manager for ARRI’s Electronic Control System, Hendrik’s product portfolio includes the WCU-4, Master Grips, lens control systems, and lens motors.

Christine Ajayi-Scheuring, AAC

Product Manager PCA Electronic Control System

Based out of the ARRI office in Vienna, Christine is a product manager for ARRI’s Electronic Control System. She has been a member of the product management team since 2017 and is highly knowledgeable about all things related to ECS accessories. Coming from the film industry herself (she has been working as DP and Producer on Set for 15 years), she understands the needs and challenges focus pullers and DPs have to deal with.

Sean Dooley

Sales Manager Camera Systems & Lighting

Sean has been Sales Manager for ARRI Australia since 2015, looking after the Australian and New Zealand markets. As a former rental technician and an AC and DP, he’s got a keen interest in filmmaking and a passion for the technical side of the craft.

Chase Hagen

Technical Sales Representative

Chase has been part of the Technical Camera Systems team at ARRI Inc. for the US West Coast for the past 5 years. His responsibilities include camera systems, cine lenses, electronic accessories, mechanical accessories, cinematic multicam systems, and camera stabilizer products.

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