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The Chaos Show - New Dates

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The new trade show in the film industry, by focuspulleratwork

The Chaos Show is the worldwide first decentralized tradeshow within the film industry organized by focuspulleratwork.

From November, 3rd until November 12th Industry leaders will host multiple online events, such as workshops, product demos, and come together through website.

The Chaos Show is a brand-new format, organized by, a fast-growing platform within the industry, with over 4.000 members.

Companies and topics of The Chaos Show will range from cameras, lenses, electronic accessories, lights, grip, mechanical accessories to software, postproduction, and also educational content.

Even the focuspulleratwork platform is currently focused to connect the community within the camera department, The Chaos Show is going one step further, to offer a platform for the whole industry.

Visitor registrations will open from mid of October on website.

Events will range from 1:1, 1:5 or up to 50 visitors per session.

Due to the centralization, exhibitors will be able to offer sessions and topics multiple times and in multiple time zones, as they are located around the world.

To organize a decentralized tradeshow is a very interesting idea, as it just offers a whole new way of participation for both the visitors and exhibitors. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, we are still seeing big concerns by companies exhibiting on real-life events. Through The Chaos Show, both exhibitors and manufacturers have the possibility to engage with each other, no matter, in which time zone they are. We will have sessions, all around the world and within all time zones. Most of them will be in English, however, some manufacturers are also keen to hold sessions in Spanish. We believe this is a very interesting concept and think, that with each new exhibitor, the whole show will gain traction, through the network effect. DON`T MISS IT & SPREAD THE WORD!

Manufacturers can register for the Chaos Show until End of September on Visitors will be able to book their sessions from mid of October.

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2021

This is the way! The future of shows and I can't wait for it! Put a reminder in your calendars for registration!

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