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Introducing the FPAW Podcast team

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As we have the first episodes locked and loaded and looking forward to sharing them with you, we want to take a moment and introduce to you the people behind the new FPAW podcast. The FPAW podcast will cover interviews with 1st ACs and people within the camera department worldwide and people within the industry.

If you would like to be hosted in one of the future episodes, please contact

The FPAW Podcast team:

Dennis Kühnel:

Dennis Kühnel started his journey in the camera department in 2010 and worked his way up from VTR and Data Wrangler to 2nd AC until he made the switch to Focus Puller in 2017.

Born and raised in Germany he has lived and worked in the USA from 2012 to 2020 - so after relocating back home to the motherland he is currently working his way into the German film industry.

His passion is to work on narrative projects, though he has worked on any kind of production imaginable, from big movie sets to tiny corporate shoots. Yes, even on terrible Reality TV shows - and despite very long days and terrible pay: He learned a thing or two and met some wonderful people on those shows.

Nicholas Cole Brown:

Nicholas Cole Brown is a Camera Assistant living in Charleston, SC in the United States. He graduated from Central Washington University in Washington State with a degree in Film Production. Nicholas began working professionally in the film industry in 2012 as a Set PA on Army Wives season 7. He quickly became the Camera PA and continued forward in the camera department to the present day, where he now works as a 2nd AC. He started his own podcast, The Second Sticks Podcast, in 2018, where he interviews professionals working in the film industry.

David “DI” Ishida:

David “DI” Ishida, is a 1st Assistant Camera, based in Minnesota, USA. He has been 1sting for 4 years now, working in commercial, TV, and indie film. His favorite camera system to work with is ARRI, and his favorite lenses are Canon K35’s.

Andrew Bradford:

Andrew Bradford grew up in Dakar, Senegal till he was 18 and moved to the USA in 2011 to pursue filmmaking. Not knowing much about movies when he arrived he decided to go to college only to quickly drop out and jump into Camera Department full time. Narrative work is what he is most passionate about and he tries to work on Features as much as possible. To date, he has had the privilege of ACing on 22 feature films. The story is what matters most to him and it’s how he approaches everything he does as a 1st AC. The ultimate goal is to DP features, but for now, he takes a lot of joy and pride in being a right-hand man to the DP and helping them create their vision. Outside of film, Bradford loves playing and watching sports as often as he can. He also loves to spend time getting to know people around him and doing life with them.

Charles-Antoine Auger:

Charles-Antoine has been part of the camera department for more than seven years now. Everything started in 2014 on his first-ever short movie. He suddenly felt a huge amount of interest in the camera, the technology, and the crew behind it. Since then he has been making his way through the industry as a 1st camera assistant on both local and international productions. "Every day on set is a new opportunity to learn more about my craft and the people surrounding me. This is why I am so excited to be part of this amazing team."

The FPAW Podcast will launch within the next few weeks and we are planning to get you one episode per week. So stay tuned!!!



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