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FPAW Welcomes SONY as an official partner!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We are excited to officially announce that SONY Cine is one of our first partners on the focuspulleratwork platform! Our aim was always that partners of the FPAW are also bringing value to the platform and are happy to see, that SONY also shares that vision with us.

With the partnership, we are opening the official SONY user group in the Group section on the platform. Within the SONY user group, Members of the FPAW platform have the chance to get in direct contact with official SONY representatives.

SONY is happy to see this platform growing together and be used as a communication platform, where a dialogue between the users and manufacturers can evolve.



Official SONY announcement:

Sony CineAlta is proud to announce its partnership with Focus Puller at Work!

Our goal is to provide the cinematography community with information, inspiration, and news.

Being part of this community also means to be closer to crew members and owners operators in order to build and improve the tools that you’re using for productions.

Our team members are here to answer your questions, collect your feedback, or simply exchange with other cine lovers.

Let’s connect!

Official SONY representatives on focuspulleratwork:

Sebastian Leske, VENICE Product Manager Europe

Richard Lewis, VENICE Technical Chief Engineer Europe

Simon Marsh, VENICE Product Manager USA

Dan Perry, Cine Business Development USA


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