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FPAW - Swag packages

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

A community is only as strong as it`s members - time to give something back!


We have reached over 4,000 members on FPAW, so we think it`s time to give something back to the most active members of the community: Each month we will pick 1-2 random members of the platform, who is active on the forum and send them a FPAW-swag package.

What`s considered active?

  • ask or answer questions on the forum.

  • write about certain related topics (experiences on set, product reviews, also.)

  • help us grow the community by sharing, commenting, and liking our posts on Instagram

  • #focuspulleratwork on your IG posts


What else is on the horizon:

  • #cleanbuildchallenge 2021 will start from September, so get your photos of your best builds ready for Instagram

  • will be hosted between November 3rd - 12th. This brand new trade show format will bring some chaos into the industry. (visitor registration will open from end of October - so stay tuned!)

Thank you and stay in focus!

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