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FPAW meets BSC Expo -London

  • Thursday 7th April – CVP Invites FPAW members to the BSC VIP preview evening.

Register & collect your BLACK wrist band at the CVP booth for your free drinks.

  • Still looking for more – join the FocuspullerAFTERwork event, sponsored by cmotion.

Register for the focuspullerAFTERwork event and collect your BLUE wrist band from the cmotion booth for free food and drinks at the Battersea Brewery (5 minute’s walk from expo) directly after the BSC VIP event.

See detailed infos below!

CVP invites the FPAW community to the BSC exclusive VIP only day, on 7th of April 16:00 - 19:30

Register for the invite only preview:

For the invite only preview, please follow the link which we have sent through the latest newsletter to register. All FPAW members will also get a BLACK wrist band at the CVP booth, for free drinks during the show!

Register for the FocuspullerAFTERwork event sponsored by cmotion:

For the FPAW event, you can register with the link below. When on the BSC show, go to the cmotion booth (#209), to receive your BLUE wrist band, for free drinks at the Show and for the FocuspullerAFTERwork event. Please register for both events, so you are on the VIP invitation only list to enter the BSC on Thursday.

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