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1.000 members - What`s next?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It has been an exciting few months since we re-launched the new focuspulleratwork platform and we want to thank you!

1000 members...

We are excited to share, that the FPAW platform has surpassed 1.000 members from over 50 different countries and is continually growing.

The idea of the platform was always to offer a place for the world-wide community within the camera department, to share experiences, knowledge, and tips and tricks with each other. We might all be different and have different cultural backgrounds and live in different parts of the world, but we are still connected through our passion for the filming industry.

Since every one of us faces the same difficulties on set, each of us might have different solutions for the same problems. To share this knowledge with each other in a structured and easy to find manner, hopefully, helps other colleagues to overcome certain problems more easily.

What's next?

With the growth of the focuspulleratwork community, we are also thinking about the next steps for the community and the platform itself. This vision is, to not only bringing the community together but also becoming a center-point of communication between people working in the camera department and industry manufacturers.

We are currently in contact with several manufacturers to join the focuspulleratwork platform as trusted partners. These approaches will bring certain benefits to the whole platform.

Two of the major new features which will be coming to the FPAW platform are:

1. Manufacturer User-groups

FPAW partners will be able to create their own user groups and user channels, for detailed product information and announcing product news. Members will have the chance to directly communicate with the manufacturer representatives through these user groups. User groups can be public (everyone can join and post), private (manufacturers need to accept new users), or hidden (users can only be invited by manufacturers).

2. Booking system for manufacturer training

Partners will be able to offer either 1:1 tranings or group workshops. Through an integrated booking system, it will be easy for members, to book private training sessions or group presentations. Since Covid-19 all of the trade-shows are canceled, this is a perfect way, to let the trade-show come to you.

Thank you again for joining the community and we hope, that you will be excited for what's to come to focuspulleratwork!


For Manufacturers and Partners:

For partnership enquiries, please contact

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