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Hi RT community,

We are making our premium wireless lens control systems more accessible. Starting today, Teradek RT has new prices that reflect our long-term goals of supporting our ever-growing industry with a trusted, reliable, and innovative ecosystem of lens control products. In addition, we are launching new RT products very soon that will be powerful additions to our existing kits.

With the RT group buy, we learned that making our products more accessible directly impacted the careers of many first-time users. The community grew in a positive way, and the more we can grow this community, the more we can build new features. John G will continue to be the eyes and ears for product development. YOUR feedback in this user group has had a powerful impact on the direction of RT and we wholeheartedly appreciate it.

For those of you who invested in the RT ecosystem early on, we understand that this price drop is significant. If you have purchased from Teradek directly within the past 30 days, please reach out to us. We’re aware that a price drop impacts you.

We are 110% committed to supporting this community by pushing the performance of our technology, adding innovative features, and building the ecosystem to a professional standard. It’s the same technology, performance, support, and brand—just at a new price.


Eric Silver
Leslie Tan
Mark Davis
Clemens Hoenig
Saif Zayed
Saif Zayed
Apr 19, 2022

is the new product ! new focus system or some kind of rangefinder because I Have the ctrl 3 and i am about to move forward to new focus system maybe that could change my investment plan 😁



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