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Jocelyn Keen
Jocelyn Keen

Creative Solutions invites you to our Cine Gear fiesta! Join us at CSLA for tacos and margaritas, music, and a preview of some of the latest gear from Teradek, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera.

🗓 Wednesday 6/5

⏰ 6pm-10pm

📍2504 N Ontario St, Burbank

RSVP here 🔗

Brian Aichlmayr
Mike Brunner

Looking forward to this!


Hello everyone, Im gone pay teradek Rt single channel , can anyone tell me if its coming with the cable it's make connection with smallhd indie 7 or not ?

And if not including this cable with the package what's the cable name

Please anyone helping me

Hello, you have to order the cable separately. This is the correct one for Indie 7:


I'm coming up on a job next week working on the Alexa 35 for the first time. The 35 has a three pin RS port, and I wanted to confirm that the current ARRI alexa cable (6pin to 3pin) is good to go for interfacing with the MDR. Also anything anyone noticed to help make sure everything works properly with the 35?

Chris Ras
May 08

Hey Mark. How did you go? I have worked on the Alexa 35 with the Hi-5, but I'm yet to try my Teradek and I was curious if you had any problems?


Hello everyone,

Teradek introduced a Upgrade program to MOTR.S for current MOTR.X owners. Simply fill out this form

I have no info about pricing yet, will update asap

Edit: I was asked to keep the offer confidential

Alan Swanson
Alex Pan
Mark Davis
Mark Davis
Nov 13, 2023

I have gone through the request and I feel the offer was super low ball.



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