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Hey guys,

Sorry for the rambling post below!

I’ve been a RT user for about a year now as I’ve just started focus pulling at the beginning of the pandemic (great timing I know).

I love the system as a beginner it’s been perfect for me having access to overlays so I can still see my monitor but also distance at the same time.

I’m now wanting to invest in a range finder (ideally been saving for CineRT but there is a huge back log for potentially another 8 months.)

As I’m still starting out I’m mainly on low budget promos and music videos where they often isn’t time to get proper marks and as we know with music video trends now it’s a lot of fast stedicam wide open and lack of rehearsal time (at least on the things I’m on).

The question I have is Tof.1 or Cinetape?

Both I can get in the £3K range which for me is ideal in the meantime whilst saving and waiting for CineRT. Keeping that potential future purchase in mind I assumed the cinetape would be easier to sell in the future and potentially easier to rent out to productions as it’s more widely known. You have a wider field of view and a larger read out on the camera if I don’t want to be glued to the monitor but walk with the camera like on stedi.

That being said I’ve seen on a few forums on here users say the Tof.1 has a much faster read out and therefore works better with my Ctrl.3. The 3 degree field of view just sees really limiting though I’m not sure how I’d constantly keep the subject in but then it is also more accurate.

Has anyone had experiences with both they’d like to share or any advice for a rangefinder novice?

Hopefully these aren’t stupid questions I know there is a big ultrasonic vs Infrared debate I just wanted to know what’s the best for someone starting out.


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