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Only THREE more people needed to unlock the next level of this RT Group Buy so TAG YOUR FRIENDS. Once 3 people join, the next discount level will be unlocked and the discounted purchase price will drop to $5,499 (a savings of over $3,500 from MSRP)

**Additionally if we reach this target, any additional Teradek RT accessories purchased with your CTRL.3 Kit will receive a 20% discount**

*All International Orders will be subject to import duties/taxes payable by recipient at time of import.

How you can participate:

To participate simply fill in this form AND comment below saying you want to participate before August 31, 2021. We will keep a running tally of how many users we are up to in this original post.

Note: We are currently running a CTRL.3 giveaway for joining this FPAW group. If someone who participates in the Group Buy winds up winning the giveaway, we will refund the price of the prize.

Register Here

Clemens Hoenig
Kyle Summers
Kelsey Rivera
Walter Watkins


Welcome to the Teradek User Group! We are always grateful to...
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