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SONY CineAlta user group

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Welcome to the SONY CineAlta User group.

We are very happy to be industry partner of FPAW.

Please feel free to ask us your questions about VENICE, the workflow with it and whatever you need/ want to share with us and other members. Discuss with us your feedback about VENICE as we are here to support you during your production.

Oliver Pearson Pajtra
Clemens Hoenig
Diogo Domingues
Diogo Domingues
Mar 27, 2023

So I am experiencing more issues with this Sony Venice 2 with the wooden camera power breakout. We have had 2 mdr motor ports stop working, 1 light ranger 2W pop and stop working our terra-deck bolt 4K transmitters struggle with image and I suspect it’s bad power coming out of the wooden camera plate. We had similar issues on the Venice 1 now with an 8k sensor there has been no upgrade to the power situation. Iv never had so many Preston products go down and all of a sudden we have all these issues.



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