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Welcome to the SONY CineAlta User group.

We are very happy to be industry partner of FPAW.

Please feel free to ask us your questions about VENICE, the workflow with it and whatever you need/ want to share with us and other members. Discuss with us your feedback about VENICE as we are here to support you during your production.

    Oliver Pearson Pajtra
    Clemens Hoenig

    Hello Friends! LensMetadata question

    Am on a project with a Sony Venice 2 and am trying to figure out how to have metadata! for lens and T-stop and Focus

    When the camera is not on Rialto its fine i use the Lens port at the front of the body.

  • Has anyone experienced a delay on the the sdi of the SONY VENICE 2!!!!!!!!!!

    On fixed frame rate it seems to be 4 frames and on variable it's diabolical.

  • Fabio Giolitti
    Aurel Wunderer

    Fellow AC's, I need your help. My DP is wanting to use the Sony Venice 1 mounted on the back of the camera operator while the Rialto is balanced on the ronin 2. Seems theoretically easy until I tried to rig a dovetail on the back of my ready rig. I've tried various plate alignments with the ready rigs back plate, but I fall short with a screw not being aligned properly for the plate to fasten properly. Any suggestions on how I should move forward? The ultimate goal is to alleviate the operator from having to bare the weight of the ronin.

  • Dear colleagues,

    I'm attending a commercial shoot with Sony Venice 6K and Arri WCU-4 with Cforce RF motor + Arri/CAM 7Pin - RS 3Pin cable.

    As this is my very first gig with the Sony Venice: Is it possible to control the camera's WB, internal ND's and FPS from the WCU-4 with it's latest SUP?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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