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Hello Friends! LensMetadata question

Am on a project with a Sony Venice 2 and am trying to figure out how to have metadata! for lens and T-stop and Focus

When the camera is not on Rialto its fine i use the Lens port at the front of the body.

The Problem is when i go into Rialto mode! My RF motor goes on Rialto, and i lose the camera metadata, I have requested an AMC1 , do you think this will solve my problem, or am missing something

Have A great day



Ondra Kudrna
Ondra Kudrna
Nov 01, 2023

Yes the only solution that I can think of is that you use the AMC1 connected to camera body with this cable: CAM 7P to Sony Remote 8P/D-Tap Cable and LBUS cable long as the rialto cable connected to cforce mini motor on the lens.



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