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We're excited to be marking International Women's Day with our upcoming exclusive webinar. Join us as we celebrate female cinematographers and promote the talent and work of women in the industry, on 8th March at 12 GMT / 1pm CET.

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Panelists: Christine A. Maier BVK, Simona Susnea, Kate Reid BSC,

Maura Morales Bergmann ACC, IMAGO and camera operator Kat Spencer Associate ACO.

Moderator: Zoe Mutter from British Cinematographer Magazine,

Through this discussion we will explore what inspired them to join the industry and examine the path they have followed to their current role.

This interactive session will give you:

- An insight into gender equality in the cinematography industry

- The opportunity to hear the panellists’ inspiring stories

- Time to ask all your questions – live

We would love to see you there !

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