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Fellow AC's, I need your help. My DP is wanting to use the Sony Venice 1 mounted on the back of the camera operator while the Rialto is balanced on the ronin 2. Seems theoretically easy until I tried to rig a dovetail on the back of my ready rig. I've tried various plate alignments with the ready rigs back plate, but I fall short with a screw not being aligned properly for the plate to fasten properly. Any suggestions on how I should move forward? The ultimate goal is to alleviate the operator from having to bare the weight of the ronin.

Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer
Oct 16, 2022

Is the 8 sided plate mounted to the vest using only the two countersunk screws that can be seen sticking out in the last picture or are there two more (= 4 in a rectangular pattern)? As these bolts seem pretty long my Idea would be to have some kind of nato rail or long rail from behind the 8 sided plate as a way of clamping the 8 sided plate between the dovetail and the nato rail. This way you could have multiple screws in the dovetail. The only downside would be that ⅜-16 usually don't go through nato rails so you would only be using ¼-20, with one of them going through the ⅜-16 hole being terminated with a nut. There should be some clearance when using a BP-8 or similar on top of the dovetail if I recall correctly. An obvious improvement to this would be to have an aluminium plate drilled with the correct hole pattern but usually this needs some time if you don't have a drill press directly at hand.



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