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Hello pullers!

Looking for Sensor motor mounting insight!

Has anyone here tried something like this? I'm looking for a mechanical tilt with motorized pan. However it'd be great to have a system that can be switch motorizing either axis depending on the shot.

Ralph Messer
Rolf Rosendahl
Rolf Rosendahl
Dec 27, 2022

Hi Mattews, the bracket from lenzcameratools is working very well with ARRI Cforce motors. While using this bracket I add a rotatable 15mm doubleclamb that makes it possible to tilt the sensor. Cleanscamerasupport doesn‘t seem to have the bracket from your photo. Or with other words I didn‘t find it on their website. But whenever you find this tiltable bracket for Cforce motors I‘d be very interested to know. Regards Rolf Rosendahl



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