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Hi with time the setting for ( limit,WF,XWF,) was the most future's that's I used in foucs bug headset and I am hoping to costmise the Right buttuns for that so I can change that's during shots so easily is this will be possible?

Jose Burgos
Matt Emmanuel
Clemens Hoenig
Guille Gil
Laird Pierce
Laird Pierce
09 abr 2023

Hi All! I missed responding to this post as I had just returned from a three week trip overseas and was playing a game of catch up! In response to Saif's request we have come halfway and are releasing a couple new hot menus where users can easily access all the main rangefinder functions in one place and a switcher page where all available sources are accessed in one place. These will be available in V.23 firmware coming in the next few weeks.

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