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Hey All! I hope everyone is having a great day. Playing around with the new RT Overlay Focus Marks collected with the Control 3. To enable the Focus Marks you must load the Teradek RT Firmware V1.2.7 and Small HD Pages OS5 Firmware v5.0.0-BETA-3. We sent the Cine RT Teradek Serial Protocol to the MDR.X and used autofocus (50mm, T1.5) as an example of how the marks work. The overlay makes for a pretty nice graphic representation of your subject's position in relation to your marks!



Jeph Folkins
micha kaiser
Jose Burgos
Firas Kweis
Reno Rieger
29 sept 2022

Does the teratek overlay just work with the teratek focus and motors or does it work with let's say wcu4 and cforce motors?

Me gusta


Focusbug Technologies Inc. developed the Cine RT System to p...


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