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Hey Gang! We are excited to FINALLY announce the arrival of the HSU-100 Handset Skins. The Skins are made of thick and tactile silicone and are available in Assistant Uniform Black, Gray Card Gray, Safety Cone Orange, and Cine RT Distance Readout Green!

The Skins fit securely around your Cine RT Handset to add grip and to protect it from the minor knocks and shocks dealt by life in your ditty bag, on your focus station, and camera cart deck. Simply insert your Handset through the Skin’s Screen Window, guide the antenna through the hole in the top, and pull the Skin snugly around the unit. All buttons and connectors are accessible while the less-frequently used Programmer Port remains covered. The Mounting Block Opening on the back of the Skin accepts all our Mounting Block options including the Cine-Lock Cradle Block with Cine-Lock attached.

For those with 3rd Party Antenna Protectors, FEAR NOT! The Handset Skins have been designed to be modified in order to accommodate the popular Gizmo and Moodji Protectors!

The Handset Skins are available to order now via our order form at Focusbug Order Form. The Skins retail for $70 USD each and, for those wanting the option of more than one color, for a limited time*, get a second Skin for half price when ordering directly from Focusbug.**

Thanks for your assistance in dialing the color choices!

*Offer ends December 31, 2022.

**Offer limited to direct sales only. Half-Price Offer limited to one Skin only - Additional Skins are full price. Shipping not included.

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