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Hello Focusbug users! I'm using my new Arri Hi5 handset with my existing Focusbug. I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy the Focusbug license for the handset? Before I go ahead, I would like to ask the community if it's really worth it, what advantages it has and if you have a video of the features on the handset? In my configuration, I have the CineRT handset right next to my monitor to adjust any settings depending on the needs: film plane offset, lockouts, etc If the Focusbug license on the Hi5 is going to allow me to tweak the same settings that I control on the handset, I don't really see the point on spending the money on the license itself. I hope you can prove me wrong :) Thanks!

Matt Gromley


Focusbug Technologies Inc. developed the Cine RT System to p...


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