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Dennis Kuhnel
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Hi Laird,

quick question: My bug won’t turn on anymore.

I press and hold the button but the light inside the little hole won’t turn blue - it stays red.

Any idea what that means?


Dennis Kuhnel
Dennis Kuhnel
Mar 25, 2022

Hi Laird,

sorry, I forgot to write a reply.

Thank you very much for your quick response on the matter.

It turned out that the new power bank I used to charge the bug on set did not supply power for longer than a few seconds at a time (it seems like the bug's power draw is so little that the power bank doesn't bother to stay awake for it - it charges phones and other things without any problems).

So the bug was essentially out of juice and worked fine after being charged through a regular USB wall charger.

My fault, I didn't realize the new power bank wasn't working like the old one did.



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