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Hi Everyone, Heres one that seems to be quite popular. It's a mini EVF extension that uses the clip, rota mount and pressure screw from an original Arri EVF extension. You can either buy the parts separately from CVP or somewhere or take the parts off the extension that come with the camera package. You will need x5 M3 bolts to attach the parts. Print wise I recommend at least 80% infill to give it some strength, I have only printed in PLA which has worked fine but I think a PTEG print would make it solid. It does however require supports for the print so thats why I have been using PLA.

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Henrik Lyngbo
Evhenio Punchak
Emin Atilgan
Emin Atilgan
31 mar 2022

Just set up a shapeways shop for anyone who doesn't have a printer.

Me gusta


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