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Lightweight Lcube Holder

I designed and printed this Lcube holder within 2 hours of having an issue with a Raptor build on a RS3 gimbal. We had to strip the camera down with no additional mounting plates. The classic Arri holder has 3/8 bolt with pins, this wouldn’t fit and is offset. Whereas this design is inline. We tried Dual lock and Velcro but was falling off and causing issues. Using a Small Rig 1/4-20 bolt I was able to mount this almost anywhere securely than we could previously.

I have since used this on other lightweight builds for the Sony Rialto.

Dimensions 33 x 13 x 8.3mm

Being able to print this is 10 minutes using less than a meter of filament (even when printed solid) to solve a problem and give more freedom to place the Lcube securely is the essence of 3D printing.

I am very happy to share my design and would love to see ideas others have in the future.


Do not over tighten screw as the opening will separate and Lcube will not slide on.



Lightweight Lcube Holder
Download ZIP

Print settings

4 Walls

4 Top and Bottom layers

10% infill

Ryan Parkins

Iordan Borissov
Jose Burgos
Lorenzo Catenacci


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