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Hello colleagues, some weeks ago I post on my instagram @CameraSolutionsCL a ring adapter for use WCU-4 marking rings on Tilta Nucleus-M follow focus.

Thinking on feel a pro knob on budget projects.

Here I share the design for print.

Good luck!

I recommend different material for different pieces, and you need some spare bolts for assembly.

You need your own WCU-4 rings.

Material recommendations:

KNOB= PETG: This because PETG practically don't has change the shape or measures when you print it, and with this piece is essential fit perfect for "replace" the original TILTA ring and fir the new Arri ring too. BACK Bracket= ABS: I used ABS, because is strong for mechanical worl thinking than maybe will be support more pressure and weight. Also will work PLA. MARK Bracket: Is indifferent, I used PLA, because I want more color. and can be painted easy the arrow for see the marks correctly. This Bracket has option for put the rod clamp on two positions. completely vertical (for put a monitor per example) ________________________________________ Bolts and +: 1x M3 x5mm (Grub screw)

2x M4 x10mm bolt (Allen cylindrical head)

2x M3 x10mm bolt (Allen cylindrical head)

2x M3 NUT

Optional: I use this for attach the FF to a C-Stand with a 15mm rod plus super-clamp and other rod clamp, or go with monitor on a single 15mm rod with male 1/4 screw on top.

1x 1/4” x 3/4long Bolt (Allen cylindrical head)

1x 15mm Rod clamp (Chinesse and cheap one) link on comments.



  1. First be sure than Knob adapter fir correctly, maybe will need sand paper (500 or more) on open side for don't scrape the metal part on Tilta side.

  2. Screw in the M3 Grub screw to small hole on KNOB adapter. This grub screw work like lock for WCU-4 ring.

  3. Put M3 nuts on pocket inside BACK Bracket and with M3 bolts fix the MARK Bracket.

  4. If you put the 15mm rod bracket, this is screwed with 1/4" bolt with head "inside" of BACK Bracket.

  5. Attach the BACK Bracket to handset with M4 bolts and put by presure the KNOB adapater.

  6. Pull Focus.

Tilta-M to WCU4
Download ZIP • 145KB

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