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I’ve started 3d printing a few month ago and always wanted to design some pieces for the camera departement and started with simple thing : a reduction rod 19 to 15mm for the CforceMini motor, and a Clip to keep rod together (for 19 and 15 mm Rod)

My biggest project for now is still in the begining and only in research and prototyping for now, my goal is to have a valuable solution for mounting your FIZ command, monitor, baterry, teradek, and all kind of accessory together, Here is a first fit test with a WCU-4 and a 7’’ monitor.

I’ve also some other stuff in developpement, a website where you can personnalise some design (like thingivrese customizer). A lens cap and reduction ring (with choosable diameter and text) are coming soon ;)

To download the two first deisgns :

Clemens Hoenig
Leon Smith
Cédric Heckly
Pascal Boisvert


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