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I recently bought my first own 3D printer after only having designed 3D objects so far and sending out my files to a 3rd party printing option for a few years. Now starting out in the printing game myself I initially wanted to print the 702/Cine7 sunshade mount, shared by segments a few months back. (Sascha, thanks for being fine with me posting this here, as most of this came from your idea)

I quickly ran into some issues, as the printing bed of my PRUSA Mini is to small to print segmento's design in a single file and printing supports in PETG can be a pain. We also found out that the 1/4" thread placement of a 702 Touch and the ones of the Cine 7 differs slightly so his 702 Touch version was not compatible to my Cine7 monitor.

I decided to design my own version of it and ended up with the following. A modular flat design of the same idea. The sunhood frame is being held in place by separate clamps, which are printed individually. That way everything can be arranged on a smaller printing bed and there is no need for supports. The Small HD bluetooth remote mount is something I wanted to play with for a while. It finds its place under the monitor, thereby not making it much wider, which suits my overall FIZ setup. To make the Remote less thick, I took off the plastic clamp in the back.

I designed the sunhood frame to be magnetic, so it features 6 holes that perfectly fit 1cm round magnets, which again connect securely with the carbon sunhood that I have been using for the past few years. It also fits the additionally printed monitor protection cover to securely store the monitor overnight.

Overall I am very happy with the result. Printing it from PETG is advised as the cine7 monitor becomes quite hot and might end up warping the PLA version of it.

ADDITIONALLY I made a separate Small HD Remote Bracket for the WCU-4, so you can actually control your monitor without letting go of your hand unit / focus knob. The remote clamps tightly into it and sits right under the lower hand unit buttons. This one I printed in PLA, as it needs support while printing in my current design.

Henrik Lyngbo
Clemens Hoenig
Aurel Wunderer
Dan Stone
Dan Stone
Jun 11, 2022

Are the files publicly available somewhere?

It's a lot of effort so I respect if not :)



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