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Due to a lot of requests, I've decided to upload four stl files for free.

One request regarding the Focusbug UHP rain add-on: Focusbug and I agree, that this is strictly meant as an add-on for whomever already owns the original Focusbug UHP. I own one and use it all the time, as it really helps keep my Cine RT horns clean.

They have put a lot of time into researching the best suitable materials (filter and retainer screen) that give the best measurement results. My intention is definitely not to substitute their product. I would also ask of you not to order their filter and retainer screen only. I'm not trying to be a competition for them; they're good friends of mine and I want to continue supporting them, as they really put a LOT of effort into creating and developing the best ultrasonic measuring tool on the market.

I think it's really cool of them to be so easy with me uploading this file for free - in return I would ask you to respect their continued dedication.

Also, please be aware, due to the construction of the rain add-on, it could potentially alter your measurement results, especially when using it in the XWF mode.

Have fun with the prints!

P.S.: If you do feel like donating a little bit for the time I've invested, share your own designs, so we can all profit from this community.

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