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Hello everyone !

Here is one of my latest creation. A flat base for the Arri Hi-5 control. Two versions, a large one which allows to fix the video receiver behind with the same orientation as the control in order to limit the encumbrance. Several screw threads for various fixings (including two 3/8 with metal insert). All with anti-twist Arri holes. It also has a hole with a metal insert to use the WCU-4 strap with the pin release (it is mainly this function that pushed me to make this mount). The second version includes the hole for the Arri pin release and a 3/8 thread on the bottom with metal insert. Both versions are designed so as not to over-raise the Hi-5.

Don't hesitate if you have a questions :)

You can also find my designs on my Instagram @alexis.gouv Good Focus ;) Alexis

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