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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has also made the move from FDM to SLA printing, and what resins would you recommend for parts that need to be strong but flexible such as rod cable clamps or the clamping part of a c-stand focus ring holder? These parts need to repeatedly deform and get back into shape every time you clamp them on and off.

I've only worked with standard resin so far and the parts that come out of that tend to be too brittle for that purpose.

Would a "tough" resin like BLU be better or would said toughness make it even more brittle?

I'm guessing a flexible "rubber like" resin such as FX60 or F39 wouldn't cut it as it would probably be too maluable and make the part not have enough clamping force.

"Nylon like" resins look promising after checking out this video comparison

But what do you guys think and what has worked well (or not) for you in the past?

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