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I am new and a novice with 3D printing. And I recently tiptoed into the hobby purchasing an Ender-3 off Amazon.

I have spent three extremely frustrating weeks trying to print.

I've upgraded the feeder mechanism, attempted to print with a glass build plate.

I've leveled countless times - recently I've encountered a good start to a print - very flat and smooth initial layer only to have the extruded jam mid print.

I replaced the nozzles and had same result with a print clogging roughly the same time.

I've tried printing at the low end and high end of the filament temp recommendations.

A handful almost finished but top layer Didn't print and the print is soft or spongy.

If you want to offer advice - I would greatly appreciate it. Please don't tell me to buy an expensive printer as a solution is all I ask. I am super frustrated


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