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Hey Friends,

I designed a more cost efficient version of the plastic shells for the ARRI Hex System. My design is even compatible with the HEX-3, HEX-4 & HEX-5, unlike ARRI's which is only compatible with the 4 & 5 versions. Also the grip is more square which makes it more easy to keep a good grip on it. The screwsslots are designed for the screws to be captive and the ones I used are from a 5€ Smallrig screwpack. I am not totally finished yet so feel free to share some your thoughts. Feedback is always appreciated:-)

Anthony Senczyszyn
Jose Burgos
Francesco Eccli
Tom Burlinson
Cédric Heckly
Cédric Heckly
Apr 02, 2023

Looks cool! Maybe adding a chamfer on both ends of the piece could make it even more comfortable. I feel like the 90° edge might be uncomfortable in some situations



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