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Hi Printing community.

Back with another print for the Ronin 2. Its a hinged clamp for attaching accessories to the rear of the Ronin 2 gimbal to not effect the balance, or to keep heavier bulkier accessories off the camera. I had been using it to attach the Arri EVF to the gimbal so that we could change settings and playback quickly and easily without having to pause the Ronin.

In order to put together you will need a a locking nut and bolt for the hinge also a m3 hex nut and wing bolt or similar for the lock. I had also used some adhesive foam to act as a cushion and grip for the inside of the clamp. Design is my own and i am happy for everyone to share and use the .step file that is attached.

Merry Clamping and Happy New Printing Everyone

ronin clamp
Download ZIP

sam fraser
Ryan Parkins
Jose Burgos
Spencer Nelson
Ole Schreiter
Ole Schreiter
Mar 04, 2023

Works like a charm mate. Thanks for sharing🙌🏻



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