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Max Batchelder
Cleanbuildchallenge 2020#cleanbuildchallenge
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Hey all! I finally found a SmallHD Focus Bolt for sale, and got excited about the possibilities of the "perfect" run & gun setup. I went ahead and modified my NATO clamp design to accommodate a monitor, and finally have posted it online here -

I wanted to make a mounting bracket that kept the monitor as close to the Hi-5 center of mass as possible, as most solutions tend to stick it way up high above the hand unit. I made a couple of options, and I'm still thinking about a version of the arm that mounts to the side of the monitor, to condense the whole setup even further, but for now this seems to work well.

If you aren't in need of a monitor bracket, there's also a version that is only the NATO clamp. It provides a full-size Arri mounting pattern on the back of the hand unit, allowing for lower-profile mounting of Wedgie2's etc.

Matt Emmanuel
Jonatan Holten
sam fraser
Aug 08, 2023

Great minimal design



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