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Thomas Walker
Finalist of the 3D Design Award 20213D Design Award 2021

Hey all its finally Done!

Ive created a 24v Step up back for the SR3

I'm not in the business of making camera accessories so it's kind of DIY/Open source

The main body will be available through Shapeways and then there will be a small list of parts you will need to order/assemble on your own with some basic instructions.

up to 3 optional lemo 2 pin ports as well

Provides up to 10A (also more power than any other option) so feel free to stack up accessories and run high speed

File and Order list will be up within the next few days

Total cost should be much cheaper than the current option on the market. And you will not need the hard to find/expensive battery adapter either

Being DIY some knowledge of soldering is required and there is obviously no warranty if you screw up.

Jose Burgos
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